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Limited Offer on Grenade Ration Pack + Thermo Detonator Caps - 19 Feb 2014
Always providing our retail customers with the best deals on sports supplements, we have another cracking offer available for you here at Muscle Finesse. The latest offer features products by manufacturer Grenade®. While stocks last, both the Grenade® Ration Pack (120 caps/tabs) and the Grenade® Thermo Detonator (44 caps) are available as a special offer at only £39.99.

The Grenade® Ration Pack is a comprehensive daily food supplement, designed to give athletes and military personnel the right nutritional support with a 30 day supply of capsules, helping sustain muscle building, reducing fatigue and helping control the metabolic rate. The main selling point of the Ration Pack is that it offers a full spectrum in terms of your daily nutritional supplement, conveniently containing everything you need in a single strip (such as vitamins and minerals, omega 3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants and probiotics).

This product is now available to buy alongside the Grenade® Thermo Detonator, a weight management fat burner that can be used to complement a high protein diet and exercise routine Combining high quality potent ingredients in order to naturally support a metabolic rate, the Thermo Detonator increases energy levels, mobilises fat and helps you get in the shape you want to be in. 44 capsules are included in the packaging.

Two big products from Grenade®. One limited offer.

Interested in more of what Grenade have to offer? Take a look at their category page for more of their products.

Muscle Finesse
February Discounts Available on Better Bodies and GASP clothing at Muscle Finesse - 11 Feb 2014
This month shoppers online at Muscle Finesse will be able to find discounts of discounts of up to 25% on selected items. GASPand Better Bodies products with discounts of up to 25% on selected items.

Among the items on offer are the Better Bodies Jersey Gym Tank Vests. Stocked in white, blackand Jester Red colours; the t-back tank vest is muscle cut to show off your muscle look, as well as loose fitting to suit your routine. Down from an RRP of £24.00, you can get some quality gym tank vests from a major gymwear manufacturer for just £18.00. 

GASP Jersey Training Pants - Grey

Another major manufacturer who has gym wear included in this February offer is GASP clothing, whose quality Jersey Training Pants are now priced at £37.00, allowing customers to save £12.00. The discounted GASP clothing is available in anthracite, blackand greycolours, in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, and XX Large sizes.

Designed for comfort, whether during activity or for lounging in the evenings, these heavy cotton pants are made to be durable, to last through countless workouts no matter how much you sweat.

To see all the products on offer visit the offer pageon men’s clothing now. 
Muscle Finesse
UFC Clothing Available For As Little As £4.99 - 30 Jan 2014
Muscle Finesse tend to focus on providing the right supplements and gainers for you to meet your fitness goals, yet we’d be foolish to neglect another essential to your workout: what clothes you wear.

While choosing which food to have before a workout and how many carbs you aim to lose are important pre-workout considerations, choosing which clothing to wear is an equally important decision. Being in possession of clothing that you feel comfortable in, and that you look good in, will provide a small, but ultimately beneficial physical and psychological boost before and during your workout.

Gym clothing can be costly. Luckily, this is not the case at

This is especially the case lately, since we are stocking an extensive range of branded items from UFC clothing at extremely affordable prices, with some items priced at £4.99, and most items not much more expensive. When you think that UFC gym wear can be worn casually, not just at the gym, the deal seems even sweeter.

A broad selection of differently styled t-shirts, hoodies, shorts and jogging bottoms (for women men and boys, with sizes including small, medium, large and XL), are all available online, to be found under the UFC category.

More niche items available include puffer jackets, while countless different t-shirt designs can be chosen from. A couple of examples include ladies black t-shirts, white grey and black line vests for men, and even a UFC Poland t-shirt for any Polish bodybuilders out there.

Browse the UFC Clothing range here, or go to the clothing tab up above for more gym clothing options. 
Muscle Finesse
Best Bodyweight Exercises – Bridging - 14 Jan 2014
While it’s common to see people focusing on the many ‘glamour’ muscles hosted in the upper body, it’s important not to neglect the abdominal and spinal areas.

A simple exercise you can do at home without any equipment, ‘Bridging’ is ideal for strengthening key abdominal, spinal, and pelvic muscles, as well as the gluteus muscles and hamstrings. These muscle groups all factor in to your posture, movement, lifting and breathing, so maintain core stability is a must.

While it’s an equipment-free workout, there’s nothing wrong with getting comfortable. If you’re lacking a carpet you may want to pull out an exercise mat to get started.

To begin, lay on your back with your hands by your side; feet placed flat on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Your knees should be bent in the air. Before starting, contract your abdominal and buttock muscles, then raise your hips while keeping your back straight, we should be able to picture a straight line running from your knees to your shoulders.


Your hands will help you with balance, but they should be used only for support, so try not to press downwards with them. In fact, the only downward force you should apply should be with your shoulders and with your feet.
Take it easy with slow, consistent movements. When you’re in position you should aim to hold it for anywhere between 5-20 seconds, depending on your abilities. A common tactic with these core exercises is to structure your workout around 1 minute of sustained position. Work your way up from 6 reps at ten seconds, 4 at fifteen seconds, 3 at twenty seconds and so on until you can handle a full minute.

Bridging is a great way of activating your core, especially if you can’t afford or travel to a gym. If it’s the former and you’re exercising on a budget you might want to keep our clearance section in mind, otherwise we have an extensive range of home gym equipment if you’re looking to step up your routine from home.

Muscle Finesse
Stay Resolute Next Year with Muscle Finesse - 19 Dec 2013
Well, Christmas may be less than a week away, but if you’re interested in fitness you’ll already know that New Year’s Eve is the event to get excited about. New Year’s resolutions are an opportunity to act on the things we spend the rest of the year knowing we should’ve done already, and losing weight / getting fit routinely tops the list of popular resolutions.

The one exception was 2013, when the UK public resolved to get out of debt and save more money, shunting fitness down to third place. Fortunately, this simply means we’ll have more money put aside for healthy eating and gym memberships come December 31st, so we’re here to make sure you’ve got the right stuff on the menu.

First up is Walden Farms, a range of specialty foods aimed to help control consumption of fat, carbs, gluten, sugars, and calories in general. Delicious food doesn’t always mean healthy, so this collection of ingredients are a favourite among aspiring cooks looking to manage their diet a little more effectively. There’s plenty of dips, sauces, and dressings to accompany everything from steak to salad, often with few to no calories whatsoever. For a winning combo we often see customers opting in to the Eat Waterrange of zero calorie pasta, noodles and rice.

For dieters used to cooking big meals, this is a great way to cut down on unnecessary carbs and sugars, without having to worry about splurging a little more on nutritious ingredients, like meat and veg.

Since we’re on the topic, we’d be amiss not to mention Supashape, a brilliant set of low-calorie, high protein meals and snacks to help power your workouts, whether it’s with a healthy soup in the morning or pudding to go with that low-calorie dinner. We’re particularly fond of Supashape Cocoa, as we’ve always liked ways to warm up in the winter without loading up on sugar.

Getting fit is about making a permanent commitment to a new lifestyle, and getting the right foods in you is an excellent way to start. Have a good Christmas, and a happy New Year’s resolution.
Muscle Finesse
Special Offers on selected USN products! - 12 Dec 2013
If you’re involved in the world of sports nutrition then you’ve run into USN. A company which leads advances in bodybuilding supplements and quality sports nutrition across a huge range of products, they’ve earned their spot as one of the most respected, and most popular brands on the site.
Count yourself lucky, then, that you can now get your hands on some fine USN products at a more than reasonable price.
First up, we have 1kg and 2kg bottles of USN’s Diet Fuel Ultralean. It’s a complete low-fat meal, tasting great and easy to digest. Diet Fuel includes high quality protein substrates to help reduce cravings, and assist reduction in body fat, while simultaneously maintaining all-important lean muscle tissues.

Overall, USN Diet Fuel is a tasty, low-glycemic and low-kilojoule meal replacement formula. Suitable for consumption throughout the day, it contains essential nutrients in the right quantities, meaning you can enjoy healthy, lasting weight loss. The 1kg bottle was £28.99, but we’re now offering it at £19.99. The 2kg version offers even greater savings, now £39.99, down from £51.99.

Secondly, we have 4kg bottles of USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic, now going for just £63.75. This is an all-in-one advanced formula, designed for the athletes amongst us looking to gain lean muscle mass. Full of high quality muscle building ingredients and all the right nutrients, USN Muscle Fuel Anabolic hastens recovery times and aids fast, efficient muscle growth.

If you’ve got any questions about these USN offers feel free to don’t hesitate to contactour helpful staff; for anything else you can go hang out on the knowledge base, to see if someone’s brought it up already.
Muscle Finesse
Best Bodyweight Exercises – Chin Ups - 12 Dec 2013
Many believe that the chin ups and pull ups are the same thing, with both terms practically interchangeable. If you think this, let’s just say you are very wrong

The pull up, as you will no doubt recall, was featured one of the previous blogs that we wrote for this series.

While you’ll still need a pull up bar for this workout, Chin ups differ from pull ups. You see, the differences are subtle. The main difference is all in the grip as, with chin ups, your palms face your body (known as a supinated grip).                                                              

The chin up exercise itself is similar to the pull up exercise. As demonstrated in the images, you’ll want to place with arms shoulder width apart, grab the bar by wrapping your palms underneath and pull up until your chin is over the bar. With a controlled movement, you’ll want to carefully lower yourself down to your starting position. You can repeat this movement as much as you feel like.

If you’re planning to do both exercises, it’s generally best to start with the chin ups, as they are easier. Chin ups develop strength in the upper back and are beneficial in building up your muscle mass (i.e. chin ups are what make your muscles bigger, while the likes of push ups and squats make them stronger).

In order to prevent injury, and to make the exercise as effective as humanly possible, you’ll want to contract your back and core muscles.

As a warm-up to a larger workout, chin ups are well worth doing to increase your muscle mass and upper back strength.

Ready? Grab your protein powder and get working on those chin ups!
Muscle Finesse
Reflex Instant Whey Pro – New Products in for November - 15 Nov 2013
It’s been a big month for the protein aficionados among you. If you’ve been paying close attention to the world of protein powders then you’ll be aware of a major launch being rolled in this month, which we’re more than happy to have in stock for you (well, almost in stock).

The reason this is a special month is that Reflex Nutrition are rolling together two of their biggest sellers into a brand new product line. In this case it’s the combination of Instant Whey Duo® and Instant Whey Native® into Reflex Instant Whey Pro®. Duo and Native were some of the biggest sellers in the Reflex family, and they were certainly popular here, so we’re assuming this information is of interest to a lot of you.

As an interesting twist, it’s not named for professionals. The title actual comes from the new collection of four probiotics in the formula, adding up to 2 billion healthy bacteria per 100g of tasty powder, and 25% more DigeZyme. These include things like Lactobacillus acidophilus, which helps lactose digestion for those of us with varying degrees of (frustrating!) lactose intolerance.

Depending on whether you pick up the 900g, 2.2kg, or whopping 4.4kg tub you can save between £18-£70 off RRP with Muscle Finesse, so let it never be said we don’t offer generous launch deals. Sign up for the waiting list before it gets in stock and we’ll throw in an extra 10% off voucher when it arrives!

A new launch is always fun, and we’re pleased to be at the forefront of this one. If you’re particularly attached to your Instant Whey Duo and Instant Whey Native, there’s still time to pick them up so don’t miss your chance (they’re also enjoying some major discounts at this precise moment).

If you’ve got any questions about new products coming in stock, don’t hesitate to contact us, for anything else you can go hang out on the knowledge base.
Muscle Finesse
New wholesale supplement website - 07 Nov 2013

November has seen the launch of our brand new wholesale website that has been designed to offer all retail stores, gyms and personal trainers throughout the UK and Europe the widest range of sports nutrition and health supplements and unbeatable wholesale prices. As official distributors for brands such as USN and Reflex Nutrition, as well as exclusive distributors for Pro-10, Supashape and NXT Nutrition.

So if you're looking for wholesale supplements or know someone who is - head over to

Muscle Finesse
Best Bodyweight Exercises - Planks - 30 Oct 2013
Working your core is important. It’s great for stabilisation, full-body health, and who doesn’t want to get their abs visible?

While we spend a lot of time discussing fun variants on the ‘lift things up and down’ school of training, Planks are a top notch way of putting your entire body to work, without any need for weight lifting equipment. They’re widely accepted to be better for abdominals than crunches, which tend to focus on only surface muscles, rather than the deep-functioning core.

Front Plank
Often just plainly referred to as a Plank. This primarily works your abs and spine muscles, but carries benefits for a whole host of secondary muscles. Pecs, quads, glutes, traps, and more all enjoy some minor activation.

Just lie on your front, like you’re getting ready to do a Push Up. Instead of supporting your weight on your hands, drop to your elbows with your forearms bent out in front of you, though your shoulders should still be stacked above the elbows. Keep your legs and back out perfectly straight, and simply hold the position.

You’ll know if you’ve been working your core in the past, since for absolute beginners even 30 seconds will be a bit gruelling. Try and work in 30 second to 1 minute sets of three, increasing duration as you become more capable. If it starts getting too easy just remember that the record is held by George Woods with 3 hours and 7 minutes in abdominal plank position, so at least you have a target to work towards.

Side Plank
Similarly to the front plank, the side plank is simple, easy to learn, and one of the reasons yoga is surprisingly hard-core. Support yourself on one elbow and foot, and keep your body straight.

This will work similar muscles to the abdominal plank, though you’ll also get a hefty workout for your obliques (side muscles), and a secondary workout on your hamstrings. Same as before, try and start off with 30 second sets, and steadily up the duration as your abilities increase.


For the low, low price of absolutely nothing, planks are a great way to work up a powerful core without equipment. If you are looking to save money, we may as well direct you over to the clearance section, or check the offers above.
Muscle Finesse
Winter is Coming – Here’s your Low-Calorie, Hot Meal Plan - 28 Oct 2013
It’s a fairly safe bet that you’ve noticed it getting chillier. We can’t spend all day working up a good burn, as nice as that sounds, we’re going to need some hot meals if we’re going to keep sane. This means it’s time to start updating our meal plans.

Today we’re going to start filling that void with SupaShape. We love the current range, and feedback suggests you love it too, so there’s plenty of reason to mention it. They specialise in low-calorie meals and snacks, targeted at those of you looking to lose weight fast without sacrificing on meal times, whether it’s a long-term goal or part of a targeted bulk/cut cycle.

First things first, it’s not winter without a hot chocolate. Unfortunately it’s not the healthiest snack in the kitchen, with a fair amount of fat and sugar filling up your mug. Here we have Supashape Cocoa Lean to serve as a merry replacement. It’s intended to encourage the mobilisation of fatty acids out of fat cells, while supporting stable blood sugar levels. On top of this, it’s also pretty tasty.

We also can’t spend all day drinking hot chocolate, again, as nice at that sounds. Supashape High Protein Soup is ideal for breakfast, ideal for cutting calories and hitting your protein goals, just add hot water. For the evening we’d direct you over to the extremely popular Eat Waterrange, a collection of high fibre, zero calorie pasta, rice, and noodles, perfect for cooking a full, hot meal without overdosing on carbohydrates.

That’s breakfast, dinner and a snack sorted, so staying full and warm shouldn’t pose a problem whatsoever. Winter is coming, so get your diet and workout plan together and make the most of the season.
Muscle Finesse
Best Body Weight Exercises – Back Work - 22 Oct 2013
Exercise isn’t just about getting big, it’s about getting balanced. That’s why at Muscle Finesse, we don’t skip leg day, and understand the importance of building a strong back. The best back exercises all rely on pulling, but outside of the gym there are few opportunities to work it in. Today we’ll be taking a quick glance at some of the most important.

Inverted Rows
These are a great entry point into working your back at home, requiring little to no equipment. Inverted rows function like a reverse press-up, making them an excellent compound exercise for working your back.
The aim is to pull yourself up, so you’ll first need something to pull up to. Whatever you find will need to be strong enough to take the brunt of your weight without tipping, so a non-circular dining room table tends to be your safest bet.

Lie flat underneath with your legs outstretched and locked out, grip the table or bar above with arms at around shoulder width. Keep your entire body straight while pulling yourself up, ideally get your chin close to your hands, and lower.

To alter difficulty, change your angle. Lying flat on the floor puts the most weight on your back, while standing leaned will ease off onto your webs. This is easier to do at the gym, where you can work with hanging ring sets.

Pull Ups


Pull ups mainly benefit your Lats and Traps, and are insanely effective at increasing back muscle size with minimal equipment. You need a high bar to grip from (unless you’re beast enough for finger grip), which you’ll usually be able to find pretty easily. They’re often set up in parks, and you can easily get a portable pull up bar to set up in your doorway at home.

As seen above, it’s a simple enough idea. Place your arms shoulder width apart, and pull yourself up until your chin passes the bar. Repeat as needed. Being able to do 15 consecutively is considered a good level of fitness, though you’re bound to be donning a weighted belt for added intensity in no time.


A fun one to end on, which you might remember from P.E. in your younger days. You simply lie face-down on a mat, or similarly safe surface. Straighten out, completely, hands out front, and raise both ends of your body until you’re supporting your body weight on your abdomen. Hold for 5-10 seconds and repeat.

The primary muscles being worked here are the Erector Spinae, a group of muscles and tendons surrounding the spine. These primarily help your posture, so if you’re regularly working out your chest or suffer from a sedentary desk job, throwing in 10-20 of these in your day is a fairly simple way to prevent injury in the future.

All these are great ways to increase strength and dexterity in your back, and build muscle as part of an intelligently designed diet. So if you haven’t already, put a plan together, grab your protein powder, and get training!
Muscle Finesse
A Healthy Diet - 09 Oct 2013
A Healthy Diet by Georgia B Simmons

A healthy diet consists of many things- not least of all a diverse mix of micro-nutrients. 

Micro-nutrients are the matrix of vitamins and minerals that can be found in most organic matter and are what our body processes and uses for a number of different functions allowing it to work properly.

For example vitamin C is used by the body to utilise and strengthen the immune system helping us to fight infections and to ward off every day illnesses like colds and flu, and can be found in abundance in fruits such as kiwis (twice as effective as oranges), oranges and leafy green vegetables such as kale.

Vitamin B12 can be found in mushrooms, buffalo mozzarella and red meats such as grass-fed beef. Vitamin B12 is an essential micro-nutrient the the body utilises in conjunction with iron for energy production.  

Iron can also be found in red meats and spinach and is essential for the body to function. It is utilised primarily for the creation of red blood cells- which carry oxygenated blood around the body. 

Low or deficient iron count can result in exhaustion, fatigue and low energy levels, short breathedness and anaemia.
Anaemia is chronic low iron in most cases but some people can also suffer from B12 deficiency anaemia.

These are both often the result of poorly balanced diets and can have potentially very damaging long term effects on overall health. 

Diets deficient in these basic vitamins can lead to poor health and the inability to fight off illness, with an increased risk of serious injury in training as the body struggles to heal and repair.

Meal suggestions for avoiding iron and B12 deficient anaemia include: 

*steak and mushroom kebabs
*braising steak, ginger and pak choi stir-fry
*shredded beef and spinach risotto 

Check in over the next few weeks to see the recipes for these.

Until next time- train hard and look after your health.

Peace xxx

Georgia B Simmons

Muscle Finesse
Best Body Weight Exercises – Dips - 01 Oct 2013
At Muscle Finesse, a day without access to the gym isn’t a day we want to sit through. But unfortunately, they do exist. Transport, conflicting schedules and other responsibilities can eat into your workout opportunities at a moment’s notice, so it’s important to have a backup.
When the free-weights are distressingly absent, body weight exercises can be an excellent substitute. Today we’ll be looking at a few variations on one of our favourites, the Dip.

Standard Dip
Some like to think of this as a squat for your upper body. It’s highly challenging for beginners, who may need to work their way up to it with a few other exercises, but we definitely feel it’s worth it in the long run.
This is usually done on a dip bar, or a set of rings for the dedicated among us. Adopt a wide grip (tighter if you’re shorter), and lower yourself until your elbows are bent at a 90 degree angle. Remember your elbows should be pointing out to the sides, not even slightly back. Push yourself back up and lock out, then repeat.
This works out your triceps, deltoid, pectorals and back, in that order of priority. It’s hard to find a more intensive, let alone more effective, body weight exercise to work your upper body.
Bench Dip
Like we said, it’s intensive. The Bench Dip is an easier alternative ideal for beginners, or those looking to target their triceps more specifically.
All you need is a chair or bench, so setup time is almost nothing. To get in position sit on the raised surface with your hands just to the side of your buttocks. Grip the edge with your fingers facing forwards, and lock out your legs.
With the weight on your hands and heels, edge off the chair and lower yourself until your elbows hit that 90 degree sweet spot, this time pointing directly backwards, then raise back up.
Getting Serious
If you want to take these to the next level, there are a number of ways to step up the intensity. Increase the effort of your bench dips by placing your legs on another raised surface. The higher you go, the more you’re working your triceps. Once you start adding flat plates across your thighs to increase effort you’re definitely ready for Standard Dips.


And once thosearen’t enough for you, as we hope they won’t be, it might be time to invest in a weighted belt or vest. Throwing some weights in a backpack are a valid alternative, though this will likely shift balance onto your triceps and back, rather than distributing weight more evenly.

Next time you hear from us we’ll be talking about a few more variants on popular exercises, and possibly a few you’re less familiar with. While we’re here, we’d be amiss not to name-drop NXT Nutrition, our new brand of targeted protein supplements and mass gainers. Discounts of around 20% are active across the board, so take a look and fuel those dips.
Muscle Finesse
A Refreshing Workout in the Rain - 23 Sep 2013
Last night the weather changed completely. The skies clouded over, lightning flashed all around, and the rain fell heavily for hours on end, showing no signs of stopping until the morning, when the cloud finally cleared. Now the rain is still falling in small bursts throughout the day, presenting the perfect opportunity to get out there and have a great work out.

Recently the evenings have been so warm outside that it’s almost dangerous to go out and do any sort of exercise. Now however, there’s ample opportunity to get outside and have a great work out, and best of all you won’t need to feel too sweaty either, as the warm rain will keep you clean and cool no matter what you’re doing.


There are still dangers you need to be looking out for though, just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t dehydrate. Taking a good sports drink or supplement with you on your work out will keep you performing at your best throughout your work out and after, ensuring you don’t fall ill after working out for too long without a drink or the right nutrients.

All the staff at Muscle Finesse use the products we sell in our spare time, so we know what we’re talking about. We also know how dangerous it is to go and do a work out in this heat without a good sports supplement or drink. Make sure you’ve got enough of what you need by browsing through our ranges today, and keep an eye on the blog for more helpful posts.
Muscle Finesse
Safe Summer Running - 16 Aug 2013

Maybe you’re crazy about cardio and tired of being cooped up in the gym, or just looking to mix in a little running with your regular lifting routine. Either way, August is going to be a good month. Summer is still here in full force, but July’s heat waves have politely backed off to wherever they came from. We’ve reached a seasonal sweet spot for getting outside, so there’s no better time to treat yourself to varied workout and welcome change of scenery.

First tip, then. Run in the morning, or in the evening. If you insist on training for a marathon in the cruel light of (mid-)day at least take steps to stay cool. Cover your head with something loose fitting, if overheating’s a problem. Mesh is the way to go in these cases.
This carries over to your clothes, too. What you get away with in an air conditioned gym won’t cut it outdoors. There’s a reason we can barely hold on to our supplies of Gasp clothingcome summer. In a perfect world we’d all be running shirtless, but some mesh tank tops and shorts will do the trick until that day comes.
(c) Patrick Gruban

Plenty of water is a must. If you’re topping up your energy levels with caffeine be sure to remember it’s a dieretic, so always make that extra effort to stay hydrated, especially on sunny days. We’re always quick to recommend the High 5 Sample Pack under normal circumstances as an introduction to balancing hydration and energy, which is never more important than during the summer.

And finally, don’t over-exert yourself. Higher temperatures means a faster heart rate, as your body rushes to pump blood around as part of the body’s various cooling systems, sweating and evaporation included. Don’t force yourself through your normal regimen, since these factors combine to rapidly accelerate the onset of fatigue.

Keep prepared and stay active, and it’s the perfect time to get outdoors. Be sure to make the most of it while there’s still time.
Muscle Finesse
Best Body Weight Exercises – Push Ups - 13 Aug 2013
At Muscle Finesse, we like to think the whole world is our gym. Obviously real gym is the best gym, but the whole world will do in a pinch.

When you’re on the road or blasted by a tight schedule, body weight exercises are a great way to maintain strength, and even build more if you’re not already lifting at a high level. Today we’ll be looking at a few variations on one of the classic moves, the Push-Up.


We’ve obviously got to start with this. Feet firm at hip distance, with a straight back and tight core held up by your arms at shoulder width apart. Bend your tucked-in elbows until your chest touches the ground (go deep!) and rise back up.

This activates your Abs, Delts, Pecs and Triceps. The wider your hands are positioned the more work will move from your arms to your chest, so be sure to check your form.

Knuckle Push-Up

A fun variant you don’t actually see that often. Just carry out a regular push up, though with the body weight held up by the knuckles of the fist, rather than flat palms. It’s commonly used among martial arts practitioners and boxers to toughen the knuckles, wrist and forearm in addition to the regular muscles. Normal press-ups put a lot of strain on the wrist, so these are an excellent variant if you can stomach them.

Handstand Push-Up

This is where things get serious. It’s fairly simple in theory, do a handstand, then lower and raise yourself by bending at the elbows. Place your hands on an elevated surface to achieve a larger range of movement, if you’re hardcore. This places almost 100% of your body weight on the triceps, and is easily one of the most difficult body weight exercises out there, and an excellent parallel to the military press. Add resistance bands or weighted vests for extra difficulty and it’s one of the best workouts you can get full stop.

A push-up that doesn’t work your chest might seem a little weird at first, this load is instead transferred to the shoulders. It’s not for beginners, and most people start by leaning against a wall until they’ve got the balancing act down.

Next time we’ll be talking through a few other variants on common exercises, be sure to check back for more. In the meantime keep your nutrition up to scratch, we’ve got major discounts among many of our protein powders at the moment, you can pick up 4.54kg of Mutant Whey for almost half price. Make the most of it while you can!
Muscle Finesse
How Does Caffeine Affect your Workout? - 08 Aug 2013
If you’re going to be working out you might as well be making the most of your time. We’re all on the same page here, but there’s a huge range of anecdotal evidence flying around regarding different ways to achieve an efficient and productive session. One that crops up more regularly is caffeine consumption. Plenty of our products feature caffeine content to help power you through, so it’s worth taking a second to cover just precisely what effect it’s having on your body.

Straight away, there are definitely positive effects to be had. Caffeine is a stimulant, and helps delay fatigue in the body. As you carry out any form of exercise, glycogen is broken down from your muscles and replaced with lactic acid. You’ve got a limited supply of muscle cell glycogen, and when it’s gone fatigue will set in, with lactic acid producing that all-too-familiar ‘burning’ sensation.

Caffeine convinces your body to use its own fat reserves in addition to muscle glycogen. This doesn’t mean you’ll be able to cut like never before, it’ll have a fairly minor effect on your calorie burn. What it doesmean is you’ll be able to exercise harder and longer. It’s one of the few areas cardio / lifting fans can enjoy together, as it’ll extend the length of your run and offset the fatigue of short, intense lifting sessions.

Conversely, we’d be amiss not to throw out a few things to bear in mind. Caffeine is no magical super drug, even if it has shown tangible benefits in a few studies. Like many drugs, the human body builds a heavy tolerance in no time.  It’s entered and left your bloodstream within around two hours, so consuming about 3-5mg per kilo of bodyweight (check your servings!) an hour before workout is optimum. If you take much more throughout the day you’ll fast stop feeling the effects.

If your body is naïve to caffeine, starting off with a large dose can also lead to more urination, or even trouble sleeping. Bear in mind whether you’ve drunk coffee or energy drinks in the past, and whether you found them uncomfortable.

There are plenty of ways to get it inside you, if you’re into it as well. Our Quick Energy shots are one of the purer forms, and popular among intensive athletes. Just remember that while the effects can be positive, caffeine ultimately has a nutritional value of nil. Keep knocking back your protein powders and workout formulas to keep fit and stay optimum.
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Why Is It Important To Eat Regularly? - 26 Jul 2013
Today’s athlete is under enormous pressures to stay at the peak of fitness, meaning they must exercise on a daily basis, training each muscle to hone it to the perfect shape and size for whichever sport they’re competing in. Even in the lives outside of professional athletes, people put this pressure on themselves, resulting in a busy work and exercise balance that doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

In both cases, since people are focusing so much on their fitness, some things are bound to be forgotten or neglected. In most cases it’s television and computer time that gets replaced by fitness, but some people can take things so seriously that they sometimes forget to eat, working food in wherever they have a spare five minutes. It’s unhealthy to treat food in such a way that you forget about it completely, as the body needs food straight after exercise, helping people to recover faster and build muscle more easily. With a faster recovery rate comes the ability to do more intense exercises, helping you to keep boosting your fitness again and again.

Understandably, when working full time it can be difficult to create a lunch that’s going to give you what you need for your workout, as well as help you have lunch at a reasonable time. Our response to this difficulty is that people need to be fed, and if they’re bodybuilding they need to be eating even more of the right stuff to build those muscles they’re after. Sports Kitchen produce a range of pre-prepared meals that can be taken anywhere and everywhere for people to eat. They give the body exactly what it needs to keep going through a workout, and they fit in a small space, meaning they can be taken to work and eaten as a delicious lunch.

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Training In The Heat To Acclimatise Your Body - 16 Jul 2013
With the UK’s recent heat wave we thought it would be appropriate to talk about heat acclimatisation training. In the last few years alone there have been many stories of fit and healthy people, as well as professional athletes, suffering from heat related illnesses when exercising in the sun. A lot of the time the reason these people suffer so much is that they’re not used to the heat in England, which is cold for most of the year.

Studies made in the past into heat acclimatisation have not only shown that athletes cope better in high temperatures when they have trained in them, but that they also perform better. The logic behind this fact is, that even at cold temperatures athletes overheat during exercise, but if they’ve trained their body to cope with exercise in hotter weather, then they’ll be able to cope with overheating better in any situation.

A heat wave doesn’t happen often in the UK, so we think now is the best time to get out there and train at high temperatures while you can. Anyone running a marathon this year may feel apprehensive at the thought of people passing out in the middle of running one, but by training your body to cope with the heat, you’re much less likely to suffer from it when yours comes around.

Muscle Finesse has a wide range of products that are perfect for training in the heat, including Bio Synergy energy drinks and supplements to keep you hydrated and full of nutrients, and Gasp Clothing to ensure as much of your body as possible can try to cool you down in the hot summer sun. High temperature training is all about knowing your limits, so have regular rest breaks and build yourself up gradually, as you would with weightlifting or endurance running.

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Help Staying Cool When You’re Working Out - 15 Jul 2013
Even in the UK it can get quite warm during the height of summer, as we’ve been lucky enough to experience over the last couple of weeks. At this time, however, it can be dangerous for anyone to work out in the sun, as the temperature could prove to be too much for them.

Each summer, when the sun comes out, hundreds of Brits flock to parks and beaches to enjoy the rare weather, the issue is that because they’re not used to the heat, this is always followed by a rush of heat-related illnesses in hospitals around the country. Whilst it’s easy to notice when you’re getting to hot and move out of the sun, it’s hard to stop and cool off in the shade when you’re in the middle of a work out.

The problems with heat start when the body’s temperature rises from thirty seven degrees. The maximum the body can cope with before harm is done is forty degrees, though even at this heat people can potentially die from their heat stroke. At forty degrees the cells in the body begin to break down, and salt and water levels drop dramatically. Left for too long at this temperature, organs can fail, which is why people can die from their heatstroke.

If you’ve suffered from heat-related illnesses in the past you’ll know how they affect the body, thinking becomes harder, people feel sluggish and tired, and quite often people are also very sick, meaning they need a few days to rest up.

To avoid heatstroke and any other heat-related illnesses whilst working out this summer, Muscle Finesse recommend that customers only work out in the morning or early evening, when the temperature is at its lowest for the day. Wearing the appropriate clothing will also help to keep your body temperature down and, most-importantly, drink plenty of water with sugars and salts to keep up the levels in your blood.

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Bio Synergy and How It Can Help You - 09 Jul 2013
This month Muscle Finesse is proud to be adding Bio Synergy to the list of brands available on their website. Bio Synergy is widely recognised as one of the UK’s leading sports and wellness companies, thanks to the innovative products they produce for the industry to help people achieve their weight-loss and fitness goals.

All of Bio Synergy’s products are actively used by staff working for the company, meaning there’s no product they provide that they aren’t intimately aware of how it affects the human body. Only the most natural ingredients go into any of Bio Synergy’s products, meaning they’re all nutritious and beneficial, instead of packed with sugars which make you feel better but don’t have any effect on your fitness.

Regular spot testing with a range of different labs ensures that all products from Bio Synergy are regularly checked for any negative effects on health. These checks give customers piece of mind, allowing them to stop worrying about the supplements they’re using in their routines, and start focussing on boosting their fitness or weight-loss techniques.

A number of celebrities use Bio Synergy to help them keep looking their best, and magazines such as Men’s Health and Marathon Training Magazine have openly named Bio Synergy products as their top products for fitness training and weight-loss.

The range of Bio Synergy supplements now available on Muscle Finesse is fully stocked and ready for your customers. Make sure you can provide some of the best UK fitness supplements in your store by purchasing Bio synergy stock from Muscle Finesse today.

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Product Analysis #1 Ultralife Max Nutrition - 27 Jun 2013
As a company, Ultralife provide some of the best nutritional supplements on the market. The company is dedicated to delivering high performance products which help their customers reach their fitness goals. Ultralife focus on what the human body needs on a daily basis, and incorporate it into their products to ensure that no matter what, if someone is using their product they’re getting just what they need to maintain a healthy body.

Max Nutrition is the ultimate sports nutrition supplement from Ultralife. The product is designed to maintain high health and vitality levels so that anyone using them can benefit from being at the top of their game, using extra energy they wouldn’t have had previously.

Ultralife Max Nutrition is designed for those who are pushing their body to its limits on a daily basis, as excellence can be a huge demand that the body won’t always be able to meet. Recovery and stamina improvement are the aim of this supplement, meaning you can get more from your regular workouts, increasing them as your recovery time between each one quickens.

Among the long list of benefits people can get from this product are, support for an improved energy level, natural nutrients found in fruits and vegetables, immune system strength and support, faster recovery from delayed muscle fatigue and aching, and a level of protection against damage caused to cells by free radicals.

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Branched Chain Amino Acids - 26 Jun 2013
Branched Chain Amino Acids, also known as BCAA’s, are found in many performance boosting supplements. Products containing BCAA’s will have three of the most essential acids a body requires, including Leucine, valine, and isoluceine. Just these three amino acids make up almost a third of the body’s skeletal muscle tissue, and they also play an important role in the body’s protein synthesis.

It’s important to keep your body topped up with these amino acids because they are the basic components of protein. When someone eats food containing protein, it’s broken down into these smaller particles, also known as amino acids or short chain amino acids, because they’re easier for the body to absorb into the bloodstream.

When someone consumes protein and therefore these amino acids, they’re providing their body with the ability to do so much. Amino acids are used in the process of brain functions, muscle repair, hair growth, and are heavily involved in the metabolic pathway.

This is the chemical reaction chain that goes on within the cells, using protein in so many different ways, all of which are beneficial. The most interesting factor in the use of amino acids in the body however, is that they are essential for building muscle. Anyone striving to push themselves a little further so they can increase their muscle mass should be having BCAA’s in their diet, as this will give them everything they need to grow the muscles they’re after. Muscle Finesse encourage the use of amino acids in bodybuilding diets, as they take out the first step in the process of consuming protein, which is actually breaking down the protein itself.

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The Benefits Of Acai - 24 Jun 2013
The acai palm tree grows in the Amazon, producing a fruit which is has a number of health benefits, the acai berry. The fruit is large but mainly contains its seeds, leaving little which can actually be eaten, but what is left is packed with antioxidants and fatty acids like Omega-3, both of which are proven to be beneficial to well-being of the human body.

In South America, natives living in close proximity to the acai palm in the Amazon puree the flesh of the fruit and drink it as a part of their natural diet. It’s this that scientists think is giving them healthy bodies. When comparing the diet of these natives to that of the French, it would be easy to say that the French would be drastically unhealthier, however, they’ve actually been found to be one of the healthiest people on the planet. The reason the French are so healthy, despite their fat packed diet, is the amount of red wine they drink. Red wine is rich in anti-oxidants which, as we said, play a key role in maintaining a healthy body, showing the effects of antioxidants on someone other than native South Americans.

Acai berries are used in a number of health products, most notably diet products. Anyone switching to a more natural diet will benefit from consuming acai berry in one form or another, as without their usual sources of nutrients they will need something to give them a bit of a boost through their weight loss. Muscle Finesse promote the use of acai in diets and as part of a daily eating routine, just like you would take Cod Liver Oil capsules.

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