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How Does Caffeine Affect your Workout?

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If you’re going to be working out you might as well be making the most of your time. We’re all on the same page here, but there’s a huge range of anecdotal evidence flying around regarding different ways to achieve an efficient and productive session. One that crops up more regularly is caffeine consumption. Plenty of our products feature caffeine content to help power you through, so it’s worth taking a second to cover just precisely what effect it’s having on your body.

Straight away, there are definitely positive effects to be had. Caffeine is a stimulant, and helps delay fatigue in the body. As you carry out any form of exercise, glycogen is broken down from your muscles and replaced with lactic acid. You’ve got a limited supply of muscle cell glycogen, and when it’s gone fatigue will set in, with lactic acid producing that all-too-familiar ‘burning’ sensation.

Caffeine convinces your body to use its own fat reserves in addition to muscle glycogen. This doesn’t mean you’ll be able to cut like never before, it’ll have a fairly minor effect on your calorie burn. What it doesmean is you’ll be able to exercise harder and longer. It’s one of the few areas cardio / lifting fans can enjoy together, as it’ll extend the length of your run and offset the fatigue of short, intense lifting sessions.

Conversely, we’d be amiss not to throw out a few things to bear in mind. Caffeine is no magical super drug, even if it has shown tangible benefits in a few studies. Like many drugs, the human body builds a heavy tolerance in no time.  It’s entered and left your bloodstream within around two hours, so consuming about 3-5mg per kilo of bodyweight (check your servings!) an hour before workout is optimum. If you take much more throughout the day you’ll fast stop feeling the effects.

If your body is naïve to caffeine, starting off with a large dose can also lead to more urination, or even trouble sleeping. Bear in mind whether you’ve drunk coffee or energy drinks in the past, and whether you found them uncomfortable.

There are plenty of ways to get it inside you, if you’re into it as well. Our Quick Energy shots are one of the purer forms, and popular among intensive athletes. Just remember that while the effects can be positive, caffeine ultimately has a nutritional value of nil. Keep knocking back your protein powders and workout formulas to keep fit and stay optimum.
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