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Muscle Finesse

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USN Creatine X4 30 Tablets

Muscle Finesse
USN Creatine X4 30 Tablets

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USN Creatine X4 provides a revolutionary form of creatine.

Muscle Finesse
The USN Creatine X4 is the new generation creatine that could be the supplement you were waiting for to take your physical performance to the next level.

It provides 3g creatine per serving, the dosage required to increase physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise, combined with muscle supporting magnesium, as well as amino acids and alpha-lipoic acid.

Our Creatine X4 contains 3 creatines, Creatine Monohydrate, Creatine Pyruvate and Creatine Citrate. A fantastic stack creatine, which are all provided in one capsule aimed to give you the boost you need to make sure you're getting the most out of your workouts!
Serving Size: 5 capsules

Of which creatine 4090mg

Taurine 600mg  
Alpha-Lipoic Acid 
Magnesium (As magnesium Citrate)
60mg 16%
 *Recommended Daily Allowances (Commission Directive 2008/100/EC)

Anti-Caking Agents (Magnesium Stearate, Silicium dioxide), Bovine Gelatine

When taking our Creatine X4, take 5 capsules with a glass of water approximatley 30 minutes before a workout.

On your well deserved rest days take 5 capsules on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

It's important to note that on the days you're taking the Creatine X4 you should drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water per day.
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A much better alternative to creatine monohydrate i think, much easier on my stomach and less water retention

Michael Tucker 18/01/2012

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Muscle Finesse