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Protein Powders | Whey, Isolate, Hydro & Casein

Protein powders are one of the most commonly used sports supplements by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts to boost their protein intake.

This is due to their versatile use, as well as being affordable and available in a variety of different flavours. Whichever your personal preference is, you can mix protein powders with either milk or water.

Protein can be found in many different foods such as meats, dairy products, nuts, and beans, to name a few. People can often worry about not getting the right amount of protein from their diet alone so a protein shake is the best thing as you can have it on-the-go. However, it might not be practical or convenient to prepare meals in advance to ensure you get the protein you need so just grab your shaker, add a scoop or two of protein powder and mix with water - job done! 

There are many different types of protein powder within the fitness industry. Three of the most common powders are;

  • Whey Protein: Fast-acting protein powder perfect for that after workout shake.
  • Protein Blend: A mixture of fast and slow absorbing proteins makes this a perfect for a quick protein intake any time of the day
  • Casein: A slow-releasing protein that is perfect to drink just before bed so your body continues to recover whilst you're fast asleep!
It can be hard to choose a protein powder as so many different brands supply it, such as; USN, CNP Professional, NXT Nutrition, PhD Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition and Nutrend (and much more), so it would be good to check out different powders just to ensure you get the right one for you!

Protein Powders

Protein Powders