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Weight Gainer Supplements & Shakes

Weight gainers are great to take if you want to build up muscle as they are high-calorie supplements that are packed with carbs.

They also contain other ingredients such as protein and fat, amino acids, creatine as well as vitamins and minerals. This is why they are such a good supplement to take as they already have other supplements included, so there would be no need to buy a separate creatine as the weight gainer will most likely already contain creatine. In regards to the amino acids they contain, most weight gainers have l-glutamine in them which is great for your recovery after a workout. 

When you're trying to build muscle you need to increase your calorie intake, which weight gain supplements can help with if you're struggling to meet the required amount with just food. However, they can sometimes add fat weight to your body, so make sure you're taking the right amount of weight gainer to ensure you gain muscle mass instead of body fat, as well as working out.

Weight gainers can be mixed with water or milk and are normally consumed before or after a workout.

Weight Gainers

Weight Gainers