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Protein Supplements & Formulas

Post workout supplements are really important after exercise as they help our body to recover.

When we workout we aim to push our body which encourages it to grow stronger every time it recovers. If your body allows you to recover well between workouts, you will be able to consistently push your body and do more during a workout which will allow us to become stronger and fitter.

Each time we workout, muscles can be torn slightly and taking post workout supplements will help those muscles to recover quicker than if you were to just rest. Muscle tears aren't as bad as they sound, as the tiny tears that form in the muscle from exercise actually help them grow bigger and stronger as they heal.

By taking post workout recovery seriously, we can improve how long it takes for our body to recover from the physical stress of exercise. This means that the next time we train we will be fresh and ready to push ourselves harder next time. Although it is important that we don't push our body too far as we don't want to wear ourselves out. It can take a lot longer to recover from a workout if pushed too far.

Tips to help post workout recovery:

- Drink lots of water
- Using a foam roller
- Sleep
- Massage
- Relaxing
- Eat potassium-rich foods

After a workout, a post workout recovery shake is the best thing to take as your stomach may not be able to digest a full meal as it can take a few hours to digest food whereas the time it takes to digest a post workout shake is a lot less.