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Weight Loss Pills, Tablets & Supplements

Weight loss supplements tend to come in the form of capsules or tablets which speed up your metabolism or suppress your appetite.

Believe it or not, some people actually think that if they take weight loss supplements then they don't have to exercise or eat a healthy diet to lose weight and the supplements will take care of that for them. This is not the case. Weight loss supplements can be taken to boost what you're already doing (exercising and healthy eating) and they work by making sure your body doesn't absorb as much of the fats that are in foods we eat, which decreases the calorie intake. However, in order to make the weight loss supplements work, you will need to put in the effort by exercising regularly and eating a cleaner diet (typically no more than 15g fat per meal).

Most weight loss supplements contain the following ingredients;

- Caffeine
- Capsaicin (a component of hot peppers)
- Bioperine (an extract of black pepper)
- Big doses of niacin (vitamin B12)

Weight Loss

Weight Loss